Justin Thayer
Garage Building
Bath, ME

My project being a 60 foot by 60 foot garage steel building is probably nowhere near the largest or most complicated building ever constructed by Prime Steel Buildings, but it was definitely no small undertaking for my family and I. From the beginning of the project by not really knowing what to expect, I had prepared myself for major headaches along the whole process, but that never really turned out to be the case.

The design process was easy and efficient and delivery of my garage building and insulation was on time and accurate. Every component fit together quite well, which I'm sure can be equally attributed to having a very accurate foundation as well as having accurate components. During the few times that we did find ourselves staring at our drawings scratching our heads, it was nice having your customer support just a phone call away to answer our questions. I will say that this project has definitely been a learning experience for us, as none of us had any prior steel building experience. We managed to erect the building in approximately 30 days, which I feel is pretty good for mainly two guys working on it.

Overall I am extremely pleased with your product and even more so pleased with how well everything fit together. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all those involved with the planning and fabrication of my metal building. I look forward to working with Prime Steel Buildings in the future.

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