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Special hurricane/marine exposure building packages

Prime Steel Buildings is the leading pioneer in the industry protecting against hurricane and salt corrosion conditions. This is accomplished with special features designed for high wind and marine environments subjected to extreme salt exposure conditions. To combat aggressive corrosive environments the factory offers a complete galvanizing option. This upgrade protects every primary and secondary framing component with a hot dipped galvanized G-90 (or heavier) coating. Every frame bolt is also upgraded to strictly galvanized fasteners as well; galvanized anchor bolts are also available for further longevity.

Protects against high winds and salt corrosion

Primary I-Beam
Structural I-Beam

Complete hot dip Galvanized Coating* Super Rust ProtectionLight primer paint, cold spray - Rust starts immediately

Secondary FramingComplete hot dip Galvanized Coating on girts and purlins - Super Rust ProtectionLight primer paint, cold spray - Rust starts immediately especially where screws penetrate

Base AnglesComplete hot dip Galvanized coating on base angle offers superior rust protection no red rust bleeding on the floor

Light primer, cold spray.
Bleeds red rust stain onto floor with first water contact

Frame BoltsComplete galvanized or stainless steel*, superior rust protection, prevents connection failure

Uncoated bolts, susceptible to rust causing connection failure and collapses

FastenersStainless Steel clad screws, tremendous rust protection, helps prevent rust streaks on exterior sheetingCheap aluminum cap screws can white rust, discolor sheeting - Highly susceptible to salt deterioration

SheetingUpgraded paint option designed expressly for marine environments warranty availableStandard paint, salt or corrosive environments will corrode immediately no warranty available

* Offered as an upgrade option additional cost may apply

Hurricane WindsPrimary structure can be engineer designed to meet up to 170 mph
Meets Florida Hurricane wind conditions, laboratory tested and approved for Florida Hurricane zone.

Not Florida approved, not laboratory tested for Florida Hurricane zone conditions.
No Florida Approval Code.