Vincent Kuznicki
Prefab Garage
Valparaiso, Indiana

The reason I bought the Prime Steel Building was because it was made in the USA with quality materials made in the USA. Also, the fact that there is no wood framing means that I will have a building that will last at least 50 years. I am an iron worker, therefore, I understand what a steel frame building is and how it should be constructed.

My building had to be specially designed due to the fact that the end wall (60 ft long) required three (3) overhead doors (16 ft wide, 8 ft high sides, 14 ft high center door). Other companies I spoke with had issues with being able to construct the framing to maintain a peak under 20 ft with my door requirements.

The size is 40 ft deep (end wall to end wall), 60 ft wide (side wall to side wall).

I chose Prime Steel Buildings Corp. because of where it is made, how it is made, and the fact that your Engineering Dept. was not afraid to take on this challenge. As I said above, other companies seem to be hesitant or unable to meet the task. The price, of course, was also a factor. It was not the highest nor the lowest bid. So I assumed from my experience at work that this was a fair price for a good product.

In my opinion the quality of this building is unmatched. My neighbors came to see what I was building and they were impressed. Some have buildings by Morton and other manufacturers, the fact that they liked my (your) building made me confident that I had chosen a quality package.

Four of my iron work associates helped off and on when required to construct this building. One of these men is also an AWS inspector. Two of the others are general foreman so they also know quality when they see it. One of these men has a barn that he erected from one of your competitors. He was amazed at the structural fit at the joints, all holes lined up, no cutting, grinding, beating with hammers was required.

The building suits my applications very well and exceeds my expectations. I needed a building that was clean and dry to store collectible vehicles and toys. This was a severe winter, I had 6 ft snow drifts against the exterior walls, winds over 70 mph, and there is no evidence of stress or leakage on this building.

I will and I have recommended Prime Steel Buildings because I think you are a trustworthy company with good service and an excellent product.

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