Bob Roth
Bob Roth's New River Groves
Davie, Florida

Life in South Florida can be very stressful during hurricane season. Bob Roth of Broward County, Florida, knows this first hand as a hurricane destroyed the wood building which previously housed his fruit distribution business in 2005.

“We started out with a wood building and that building just flew away in the last hurricane,” Roth said.

A friend of Mr. Roth’s recommended very highly that he go with Prime Steel Buildings to replace his old wood structure with a metal building designed to handle hurricanes. Bob was thoroughly impressed when his new steel building arrived, he told us, “When I saw him drive up in the truck with these steel beams, I couldn’t believe the size of them. I thought we were building a new Empire State building.”

For over 47 years Bob Roth’s New River Groves has sold the finest quality fruit grown in Florida and a selection of wonderful homemade pies and food. Their delicious key lime pie is famous and shipped to customers worldwide.

New River Groves takes pride in their facility and wanted the most durable preengineered metal building that could withstand any hurricanes. For this reason they chose a Prime metal building. The building is used primarily for retail sales and as a packing house for shipping their fruit and a receiving area.

When asked if he was pleased with his steel building addition Mr. Roth stated “If you need a building that can handle the tough hurricanes of South Florida, Prime Steel is the building that can do it.”

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