Dale Root
Workshop Building
Albion, New York

After researching and making some calls on a steel building we wanted to buy, we were impressed when we called Prime Steel. I was looking for a metal workshop building to store my toys and park my wife’s car that is easy to construct. After a spell, we chose Prime Steel Buildings.

I purchased a 40’x60’ with an insulation package. I own a trucking company and when I sent a truck down to the factory to pick it up, everything went well and my driver was impressed. We prepared the site and started to lay it out. Everything was numbered and matched the plans perfectly.

I’ve built grain bins, pole barns and remodeled my house, this steel building was a breeze. It all fit, no redrilling holes, no yanking with a comealong. I liked it!! We put a 14 by 24 office inside to boot. We also discovered that on weekends it’s a great place to entertain also. Keep up the good work and quality.

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